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Bothell Garage Doors Your Single Source For All Your Garage Door Answers. Bothell Garage Doors handles all types of garage door makes and models, sizes and styles. Providing 100% Customer Satisfaction For Garage Door Repair and Installation!


Garage Door Repair Bothell WA


Garage Door Service in Bothell

When our customers have questions about the safety or function of their garage doors in Bothell, WA, they know they can call Bothell Garage Doors and we will have the answer they need. Operating as a full service garage door company, Bothell Garage Doors is always prepared, no matter what our customers need. Operating our business with one of the largest inventories of Top Of The Line Parts and Accessories, every product we carry is guaranteed to be durable and efficient.
Having placed their trust in Bothell Garage Doors, we want our customers to receive the best garage door repair service in Bothell, WA that can be had. Utilizing this as our base for doing business, means Bothell Garage Doors has hired the best garage door technicians in the state. Our experts can provide the highest Garage Door Service Seattle level of quality craftsmanship backed by years of experience for any garage door repair, garage door opener repair and a brand new garage door installation. Taking pride in every job is the way Bothell Garage Doors has always worked, when our technicians drive through a neighborhood they are proud to point out, "We Did That and We Did It Right"!

Bothell Garage Doors handles all types of garage door makes and models, sizes and styles. Some of the garage door repair services we offer are:

  • Safety Devices- Including Photosensitive Eyes/Wall Mounted Buttons For Emergency Exits
  • Garage Door Springs-Both Side Mounted Extension and Torsion Springs
  • Cable Drums
  • Electronic Openers-Including Chain, Screw and Belt Driven
  • Lift Handles
  • Cable Systems
  • Seals
  • Weather Stripping
  • Rollers
  • Rails
  • Tracks
  • Hinges
  • Lock
Our customers in Bothell, WA can always call Bothell Garage Doors for our Premium Safety Inspection which will show you where safety improvements can be made, especially when children are in the home, or the elderly who need to know the safety devices and fail-safe emergency exits in case of an accidental lock-in or lock-out.
Hearing a loud bang when you open your garage door can be quite startling, you're not being shot at, your torsion or extension spring just snapped. Broken garage door springs can be extremely hazardous as well as being hard on the nerves. Call Bothell Garage Doors for an immediate response that can settle your nerves and fix your garage door. We always charge a fair price for garage door repairs, and we never charge extra for emergency calls.

When you call Bothell Garage Door Repair Seattle we will discuss your problem and see if it is something you want handled right now, or would you prefer us to come at your convenience at a later time. Bothell Garage Doors understands the busy schedules of today's working families and single home owners. That is why we are extremely adaptable to your schedule and your needs.

Bothell Garage Doors can provide a quick fix so that your day can at least continue, and we will be waiting when you are ready to fix the problem fully. We never leave a home with a dangerous garage door situation. If that means disconnecting the power supply in order to ensure the door cannot be tampered with, that is what we will do.
Providing 100% Customer Satisfaction For Garage Door Repair and Installation

Bothell Garage Doors provides service to our customers in  Bothell, WA and the surrounding areas. Since we are committed to our customers 100% satisfaction and their safety, Bothell Garage Doors wants you to call us when your garage door fails to operate properly, or is in need of any type of service. Please remember to call Bothell Garage Doors when you need an emergency garage door repair and we will respond when we say we will.
Contact Bothell Garage Doors today for any of our garage door service plans, installation of new garage doors, and Bothell Garage Doors affordable repair service for overhead garage doors, sectional garage doors, and garage door openers in Bothell, WA. Call us today at 425-368-3010.
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